We are a small kennel Bengal cats, working on the quality not quantity of cats and based on the best bloodlines around the world. Our first breeding cats are imported from the Netherlands (male cattery Bengalivo) and Germany (female cattery Kaiserbengal) and come directly from the largest and the world’s best kennel Kanpur, Dazzledots, Anjali, Drinkwater, Gogges and Azanabengals. Priority is breeding healthy, temperament, socialized, and the pattern and type of Bengal cats. Kennel is registered with FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline) SFDH ( Croatian felinology association  ) and FD Krizevci (Feline Club Križevci). Our cats are eating super premium food Royal Canin, but we are also members of breeders club ROYAL CANIN SLOVENIA.
Were tested on ;
  • HCM;
  • PRA-b;
  • PKD;
  • PK-def;
  • FIL;
  • FeLV;
  • Giardia

Kittens leave home  after they turn 14 weeks when they are castrated or sterilized (for pet) socialized, and will receive all necessary vaccinations.
With the purchase of a kitten is obtained;
– FIFe Pedigree
– passport
– Contract
– Transfer 
– RC start paket